Garti's Lab Instruments

Gas Chromatograph Agilent Technologies, GC model 6890.

High Performance Liquid Chromatopraph Waters, HPLC model Waters 600 equipped with a Diode Array Detector Waters 996

Particle Size Distribution Counter Accusizer PSS Nicomp model APS.

Optical Particle Sizer PSS Nicomp model 780/APS.

Zeta Potential/Particle Sizer PSS Nicomp model 380 ZLS.

Optical microscope Nikon model Eclipse 80i equipped with Nikon Digital Imaging Head with Fluorescence and Imaging Capabilities, Nikon Digital Camera model DXM 1200C and Nikon X-cite Series120 Illuminator.

Dynamic Contact Angle Meter and Tensiometer DataPhysics model DCAT 21 equipped with a Liquid Dosing Unit LDU 2/2 for CMC Determinations.

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