Recent Achievements

  • Entrappment of peptides and other pharmaceuticals within modified reverse hexagonal fluid mesophases
  • Fractal structure of reverse hexagonal mesophases
  • Novel nanosized micellar cubic discontinuous mesophase , the QL phase, based on GMO/water/alcohol for improved solubilization and transdermal transport of drugs
  • Formation on dispersed particles termed micellosomes based on the QL phase
  • Developing the NSSL technology of nanosized self-assembled liquid vehicles for full dilution, high solubilization and transport of Nutraceuticals

  • Establishment of the startup company Nutralease for delivery of nutraceuticals and drugs.

  • Developing of the emulsified microemulsions of W/O/W droplets for slow and controlled release of active addenda

  • Development of new method to incorporate nucleators into polyethylene using the microemulsion technology to increase crystallinity and melting properties of the polymer
  • Developing of the third generation of nanodroplets with embedded membrane recognition compounds to improve membrane transport.


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