Industrial Achievements

- NutraLease, Founder of a new start-up - NutraLease - 'New Vehicles for Improved Bioavailability of Nutraceuticals' (with Yissum and ATI).

2000- Ganaspati-India, Bought the technology for the production of Lysolecithin by enzymatic process in microemulsion as microreactor.

1998- FenuPure-Adumim and Origin, New Hydrocolloid for Lowering Glucose Levels for Diabetics'. New nutraceutical and food supplement extracted from fenugreek seeds. Sales started June 2000 by Adumim Chemicals and Origin.

1995- Green Clouds, Founder of a new start-up company "Green Clouds" Ltd., for the development and manufacture of Electric Foggers, based on ultrasound technology for rupture of droplets.

1995- Lycored, Co-developer of new technology for extraction and formulation of lycopene from tomatoes.

1994- FDG-Odyssey, Establisher of a new company, FDG (Fenugreek gum), together with Yissum and Odyssey Ltd., Boston, for R&D and production of Fenugreek gum to remove cholesterol from liquid foods and reduce sugar levels in humans.

1994-1995, Developer (with S. Ezrahi and A. Aserin) of "new fire resistant hydraulic fluids based on microemulsions", (evaluated with great success by IDF).

1993, Developed new-epoxy-silicone, water-borne, non-stick, lubricious coatings and signed an agreement with Decora Manufacturing for the production of these coatings.

1993, Developer (with A. Aserin) of "new cleaning system based on detergents solubilized within microemulsions" to replace trichloroethane (Pazclean 12). Process developed for Paz Oil Co. Ltd.

1993, Developer of a new method for "removal of cholesterol from butter and milk-cream by natural occurring absorbents", process sold to Odyssey Ltd., Boston..

1993- Dipole, Founder of a new company, "Dipole.", for the development and manufacture of TDS (Time Domain Dielectric Spectrometer) for structure characterization if dispersed particles and droplets, and moisture matters.

1991, Signed three agreements with Eastman Chemicals, Kingsport, Tennessee, USA. for: (1) production of SSL of the products, (2) baking premixes in the USA and, (3) mutual marketing (Adumim and Eastman) in Europe.

1991, Developer of new "self-cleaning lubricating rifle oil" for the Israel Defense Forces. In production by Paz Oil Co. Ltd. (1991).

1991, Developer of new "water soluble cutting and lubricious oil" for the use by the Israel Defense Forces (manufactured by Paz Oil Co., Ltd.).

1990, Developer of new "water soluble mineral oils" and "forging oils" for Paz Oil Co. Ltd., Israel. Commercial formulations launched on the market (1992).

1988-1990, Developer of several new emulsion formulations: Water in oil emulsion - pan release - Adolease Oil in water - orange oil cloudy - Adocloud Wax-resin emulsion - Adocol (All manufactured by Adumim Chemicals).

1988, Developer of "Adolak" new technology for the encapsulation of unsaturated fatty acids by calcium salts. A new product designed to bypass Rumenous of lactating cows and to supply additional energy in order to increase milk production of cows after calving. Process transferred to Koffolk - Animal Feed, Beer Sheva, a plant producing approx. 400 tons/year (1989).

1987, Developed unique "new technique to determine levels of cholesterol in blood", process developed for IDL Ltd., Jerusalem (1988).

1985-present, The SSL technology was transferred to the following companies whose construction of manufacturing plants for implementation of this technology was done under my direction, supervision and advice:

1985 - Mexico - Guadalajara, Arancia-Polibasicos

1986 - South Africa - Johannesburg, Epic Oil

1987 - Peru - Lima, Alpamayo

1988 - U.S.A. - Atlanta, International Specialty Foods

1988 - Brazil - Rio de Janeiro, Anpal

1988 - Argentina - Cordoba, Alpha

1988 - Ecuador - Quayaquil, Oleica

1989 - U.S.A. - North Carolina, ISP

1990 - Colombia - Cali, Maizena

1992 - Serbia - Zrenjanin, D'jamant

1993 - Chile- Santiago, Molypac.

1995 - India, New Delhi, Bajaj - Anaccord.

1980-present, Chief Scientist and establisher of Adumim Chemicals Ltd., a plant constructed on the basis of a unique original process developed by N. Garti and E. Pinthus (student) to produce sodium stearoyl lactylate (SSL), an advanced surfactant, bread improver and food conditioner. The plant produces at present over 10 additional products most of them based on innovative technologies developed at the Casali labs (annual sales of 6-8,000,000$).




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