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Avnir David MSc 1973 Polycyclic compounds with psychotropic activity (Supervisor: I. Agranat)
Avnir David PhD 1977 Polycyclic arene-oxides and sulfides (Supervisor: J. Blum)
Gozlan Igal MSc 1982 Phase transfer catalysis for N-alkylations of pharmaceutical intermediates (with M. Rabinovitz and D. Ladkani)
Grauer Zvi MSc 1982 Adsorption effects on the spectroscopy and photophysics of dibenzotropone (with J. Blum)
Naor Yoseph MSc 1983 The applications of fractals in texture analysis (with S. Peleg)
Levy David MSc 1984 Low temperature processes for obtaining fluorescent sol-gel glasses (with R. Reisfeld)
Levy Ada MSc 1984 Investigation of the dual fluorescence of N,N’-dimethyaminobenzonitril and 6-ethanoyl-2-(dimethylamino)naphthalene as probes for the surface of silica and of reversed phase silica (with M. Ottolenghi)
Grauer Zvi PhD 1985 Spectroscopy, photochemistry and photophysics of fouorescent organic chromophores - a novel approach to clay research (with S. Yariv)
Farin Dina PhD 1986 The fractal approach to selected problems in surface science
Birenbaum Hana MSc 1987 Investigation of the photochemistry and photophysics of pyrene and  N,N-diethyl aniline as probes for the properties of the surface of porous silica (with M. Ottolenghi)
Kagan Michael PhD 1988 Chemical formation of dissipative spatial structures
Hel-Or Yaacov MSc 1988 Characterization of right-fanded and left-handed objects (with S. Peleg)
Levy David PhD 1989 Photophysical investigation of the sol-gel silicon alkoxide polymerization: mechanisms and applications
Strul Dani Amirim 1991 The form of halite structures in the Dead Sea -  a fractal geometry study
Samuel Joshua PhD 1992 Geometrical effects on photoprocesses in heterogeneous environments
Seri-Levy Alon PhD 1992 A study of surface geometry effects of catalytic heterogeneous reactions and on adsorptions
Katz Ohad MSc 1993 Investigation of the photophysics and kinetics bimolecular quenching on the surface of porous glass (with M. Ottolenghi)
Zabrodsky Hagit PhD 1993 Computational aspects of pattern cheracterization – continuous symmetry (with S. Peleg)
Polevaya Yulia MSc 1994 Sol-gel matrices: morphological and photophysical investigation
Cohen Ran MSc 1994 Dubbing moving: adjusting lip movements to a new sound track (with S. Peleg)
Ben-David Oded .MSc 1996 Opticl fiber sensors based on sol-gel (with Y. Prior)
Katzenelson Omer MSc 1996 Investigation and quantitative analysis of chiral structures
Rosenfeld Ayelet PhD 1996 The development and application of novel metallic and organometallic doped ceramic ctalysis for organic synthesis (with J. Blum)
Sertchook Hanan MSc 1996 Entrapment of organometallic complexes of ruthenium, rhodium and iridium in sol-gel matrices and investigation of their catalytic activity in isomerization processes" (with J. Blum)
Lidar Daniel PhD 1997 Structural cheracterization of disordered systems (with O .Biham)
Gelman Faina MSc 1998 Specific hydrogenation processes with rhodium and ruthenium compounds entrapped in sol-gel matrices (with J. Blum)
Salomon Yair MSc 1998 Continuous symmetry measures: algorithms for the calculation of the distance from point symmetries and the measurement of the distance from translational symmetry in small clusters
Pagliaro Mario PhD 1998 Ossidazioni selettive di carboidrati (Selective oxidation of carbohydrates) (Supervisor: G. Geganello)
Abu-Reziq Raed MSc 1999 Heteronuclear complexes entrapped in sol-gel matrices as recyclable catalysts (with J. Blum)
Pinto Yariv PhD 1999 Continuous symmetry and continuous chirality measures in structural chemistry
Rottman Claudio PhD 1999 Investigation of molecular probes entrapped in sol-gel matrices
Sarussi Lili MSc 1999 Entrapment of reagents in sol-gel matrices (with J. Blum)
Fireman Sharon MSc 2000 Preparation and characterization of silicate matrices for cis-platin adsorption
Katzenelson Omer PhD 2000 Continuous chirality and its applications in selected problems of interactions and structure
Keinan Shahar PhD 2000 Applications of the continuous symmetry and chirality measures
Breuer Jonathan MSc 2002 Quantification of the physical effects of near-symmetry using the continuous symmetry measure
Gelman Faina PhD 2002 Sol-gel entrapped catalysts (with J. Blum)
Saragusti Idit PhD 2002 Changes in the morphology of handaxes from lower Paleolithic assemblages in Israel (with N. Goren-Inbar)
Shacham Ronen PhD 2003 Electrodeposition of sol-gel Films on conducting surfaces (with D. Mandler)
Kogan Anna MSc 2003 Chemical communication between solids placed at distance
Abu-Reziq Raed PhD 2004 Development of new catalytic systems by sol-gel method (with J. Blum)
Sertchook Hanan PhD 2004 Development of polymer/metal-oxide composite particles via the sol-gel method
Steinberg Avital MSc 2004 Continuity in symmetry as reflected in the NMR chemical shielding
Behar-Levy Hana PhD 2005 Entrapment of organic molecules within metals
Frenkel-Mullerad Hagit PhD 2005 Investigation of the reactivity of functional sol-gel materials
Yogev-Einot Dina PhD 2005 Continuous symmetry in inorganic crystal properties
Elimelech Hila MSc 2006 Development of organic polymer/silica IPN particles
Fireman-Shoresh Sharon PhD 2006 Chirality in sol-gel materials
Zolkov Chen PhD 2006 Development of sol-gel films for tissue culture growth and their application for viral detection in environmental samples (with R. Armon)
Steinberg Yael MSc 2007 Synthesis and triggered rupture of sol-gel derived nano-capsules
Zalzberg Lital MSc 2007 Development of hybrid particles of silica/poly(L-lactide) and silica/poly(γ-benzyl-L-glutamate)
Ben-Knaz Racheli MSc 2008 The entrapment of bioactive molecules within metals
Sinai Ofer MSc 2009 Electrochemical aspects of organics@metals composites
Naor Hadas MSc 2010 Development of synthetic methods for entrapment of nanometals in polymer@silica hybrids
Elgavi Hadassah MSc 2010 Studies in Continuous Symmetry & Chirality:Implementation & applications of the CSM in clusters and molecules
Yosef Itzik PhD 2010 The entrapment of molecules within metals
Fuchs Ido MSc 2010 Thermally activated hydrophobicity in polymer@silica nano-hybrids
Dryzun Chaim PhD 2011 Continuous symmetry and chirality measures: Development of new tools and their applications in chemistry
Elimelech Hila PhD 2011 The Chemical Reactivity of Sub-Micrometer Polymer@Silica Composite Particles
Nesher Guy PhD 2011 In-situ formation of metal-polymer composites and their applications
Yael Ben-Efraim MSc 2012 Development of methods for the entrapment of molecules within metallic alloys
Abraham Rutenberg MSc 2013 A new generation of vaccines: Composite alumina entrapped vaccines
Yohann Aouat PhD 2014 Metal-Organic Nanocomposites and their Properties (with G. Marom)
Racheli Ben-Knaz PhD 2014 The Entrapment of Antibacterial Molecules within Metals
Mia Moonshein-Levy MSc 2015 An advanced disinfection approach for re-circulated water systems (with Rami Pedahzur)
Noam Ralbag MSc 2015 Thermal control of phase separation at interfaces (with Ruth Sfez)
Hadas Naor PhD 2016 The entrapment of organic molecules within thin metal films
Leora Shapiro PhD 2016 The Entrapment of Catalytically Active Entities within Metals
Yael Baruch MSc 2016 Chiral Ramachandran Plots
Hadassah Elgavi PhD 2017 Studies of symmetry distortions in metal clusters
Yael Baruch MSc 2016 Chiral Ramachandran Plots
Yael Baruch MSc 2016 Chiral Ramachandran Plots
Hadassah Elgavi PhD 2017 Studies of symmetry distortions in metal clusters
Noam Ralbag PhD 2020 The entrapment of nanoparticles and membrane polymers in metals
Maayan Bonjack PhD 2020 Structural symmetry of proteins
Barak Menagen PhD 2020 The entrapment of bio-active molecules within metals
Dina Pinsky MSc 2020 Metallic Nanoparticles Entrapped within Metal Matrices
Nir Ganonyan PhD 2021 Advanced aerogels
Yael Shpigler PhD 2022 Entrapment of enzymes in gold matrices

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