Mordecai Rabinovitz

Professor Emeritus

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Professor Mordecai Rabinovitz

The Rabinovitz group studies polycyclic anions:
from planar PAHs and curved buckybowls, to spherical fullerenes. NMR opens a door into their unique reactivity, aromaticity and self-assembly patterns.

Current research projects include, for example, the fascinating dynamic stereochemistry and charging pattern of bicorannulenyl; theoretical studies on bowl-inversion pathways in buckybowls; the application of the corannulene tetraanion supramolecular aggregation motif to block copolymer self-assembly (with Dr. Roy Shenhar).

Past interests include: reactive intermediates; reductive ring-closures and ring-expansions; supramolecular aggregation in buckybowls; aromaticity of fullerenes; graphite intercalates (e.g. C8K); PAH anions in phase-transfer catalysis and light-induced processes; and others.