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Research Activities

Our research is concentrated on the design and production of new excitonic solar cells, combining radically new materials with novel architectures.

Specific topics related to photovoltaic cells and nanotechnology are listed below:
- The interface and the interaction of hybrid Organic/ Inorganic Molecular Materials.
- Enhancing the efficiency of excitonic solar cells through the design of the working electrode.
- Design and control the inorganic sensitizer structure and properties in order to improve the PV parameters.
- New excitonic solar cells structures/architectures.


Running Projects

Quasi two dimensional perovskite

Chemical modifications of quasi two dimensional
organo metal halide perovskite and their use in solar cells

Project Responsible: Bat- el Cohen

Nanostructures of perovskite
Nanoparticles of mix-cation system of
RbxCs1-xPbBryCl1-y with tunable optical properties

Project Responsible: Daniel Amgar

Emission from dispersions of hybrid
organic-inorganic nano-rods  

The halide type dictates the emitted color ;
the emission is blue-shifted when moving from iodide to bromide     

Project Responsible: Sigalit  Aharon

Semi-transparent perovskite solar cells   

Project Resposible:Stav Rahmany                                 

Nb+ doped TiO2  based solar cells

The FTIR Spectrum displays a shoulder
at900 cm-1 which possibly indicates that
Nb+ is in fact imbedded in the crystal
structure of the TiO2 and is therefore
a dopant and not a free entity.

This research concentrate on sensitizing of
Nb+ doped TiO2 nanoparticles and their
application in photovoltaics
(i.e. dye sensitized solar cells).
right shown TEM image of Nb+ doped
anatase TiO2 nanoparticles with
bipyramidalshape (up to ~ 30 nm diameter).

Project Resposible: Ivan Tugov