Yerushalmi Research Group


The Yerushalmi group research topics are focused on materials science and chemistry with an emphasis on nanoscience and nanotechnology. The ability to synthesize nanostructures with controlled chemical composition and unique physical and chemical properties is vital to our research. Our work combines the use and development of novel synthetic methods for the production of nanostructures and the application of large arsenal of analytical methods for the characterization and exploration of nanomaterials. Our research interests are focused on four major areas:

  • Hybrid Nanostructure synthesis

    We develop new methods utilizing vapor phase and condensed phase chemistry for the synthesis of new nanoscale hybrid materials with unique physical properties. Specifically, the formation of hybrid nanomaterials consisting of inorganic and organic parts. Our research hasve demonstrated the benefits of such materials in the context of photocatalysis and renewable energy sources. We study the reactivity, optical, and electronic properties of the Hybrid Nanostructures.

  • Bottom-up synthesis and assembly of nano architectures

    The developing of new bottom-up synthesis methodologies enabling the production of new semiconducting and hybrid metal-semiconducting nanosystems with controlled dimensions and composition. Our research focuses on utilizing non-lithographic methods for symmetry breaking and tailoring the structural details of complex nanosystems featuring unique optical and electronic properties utilized in chemical sensing, plasmonics, and more.

  • Catalytic properties of nanostructure arrays

    Nanomaterials exhibit unique catalytic properties that are very different from the bulk material properties. The distinct reactivity at the nanoscale enables new pathways for designing novel materials with tailored chemical reactivity. Our research focuses on the study of surface interactions at nanostructure interfaces in the context of photo-catalysis and electro-catalysis.

  • Development of advanced nanocomposite materials

    To be announced. Contact prof. Yerushalmi for more details.