2008 Courses

General Chemistry for Biology Students

Course #69174, since 2007

Atoms, molecules and ions. Atomic structure, electronic configurations and the Periodic Table. Chemical bonding: Lewis structures, molecular geometry, hybrid and molecular orbitals. Chemical formulas and equations, stoichiometry. Aqueous reactions, chemical equilibrium, Le-Chatelier principle. Acids and bases. Salts, electrolytes and ionic strength. Reduction-oxidation. Intermolecular forces: Van-der-Vaals interactions, hydrogen bonding, ionic interactions, coordinative bonding. Isotopes and nuclear chemistry.

Organic Chemistry C

Course #69667, since 2007

NMR in organic chemistry: basic and advanced assignment. Important phenomena in NMR. Applications of 2D-NMR for hydrogen and carbon spectra. Dynamic NMR. Symmetry and NMR: stereotopy and anisogamy. Stereochemistry of pericyclic reactions: molecular orbitals in conjugated compounds. Woodward-Hoffman rules and the frontier orbitals method. Electrocyclic reactions (ring closing and opening), sigmatropic rearrangements and cyclic additions. Experimental evidences for mechanisms of pericyclic reactions. Effect of substituents on the Diels-Alder reaction. Synthetic uses of pericyclic reactions.