Research Interests

Our research focus on the synthesis of nanostructures and understanding of unique reactivity characteristics related to the nanoscale. Our work combines synthetic methods for the formation of nanostructures with controlled chemical composition and the large scale deployment and assembly of the nanostructures. The large scale assembly of ordered arrays is essential for applying a large arsenal of analytical methods for the characterization and study of chemical reactivity at nanostructured interfaces.

Specific research topics related to Nanoscience and Nanotechnology:

Hybrid Nanostructure synthesis

Formation of nanostructures consisting of inorganic and an organic part. Study of reactivity and optical properties.

Bottom-up synthesis and assembly of nano architectures

Nanostructures with controlled dimensions and composition. Non-lithographic methods for the formation of large scale ordered structures featuring nanometric building blocks.

Catalytic properties of nanostructure arrays

Study of surface interactions at nanostructure interfaces in the context of catalysis.

Interactions of biological molecules at nanostructured interfaces

Understanding of the dimension related aggregation of fibrous structures.

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