Open Positions at the Chemical Physics Department at

The Hebrew University in Jerusalem

With Danny Porath

DNA-Based Nanoelectronics

    Available Positions
    We have open positions for M.Sc. (1 year), Ph.D. (3-4 years) and postdoc (2-3 years) students.

    The Research

Electrical transport in DNA was intensively studied over the past decade. However, only recently it was established that single DNA molecules can indeed carry electrical current through the molecule (Porath et al., Nature 403, 635 (2000) - PDF). In this project we aim at the understanding of the conduction properties of DNA and its derivatives in order to distinguish the relevant conduction mechanism and to develop novel nanotechnological devices. These devices will be based on the unique structural properties and the double-strand recognition of the DNA. For this purpose we will use scanning probe microscopy (SPM), Nanolithography and electrical transport measurements. The research will be carried out in a close collaboration between physicists, chemists and biologists.
Invitation To apply

We invite Students from physics, chemistry, engineering, biology and medical science who are interested in a fascinating interdisciplinary research to apply for these positions. We look for excellent and highly motivated students with interest in experimental nanoscience for the M.Sc., Ph.D. and postdoc positions.

Please apply to:
Danny Porath
Tel: +972-58-518827, +972-2-6584950

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