The Hoffman Family

דף זה בעברית

My generation

My wife: Channa

Myself: Roy

My brother: Danny

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My children

My Children



My son: Jonathan

My daughter: Rina


My son: Akiva

My daughter: Sarah




My daughter: Na'ama

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My parents & ancestors

My father: David

My mother: Patricia


My grandfather: Emanuel

Father of David

My grandmother: Freda

Mother of David

My grandfather: Clifford Rose

Father of Patricia

My grandmother: Hettie Rose

Mother of Patricia


My great grandfather: Benzion

Father of Emanuel

My great grandmother: Menucha

Mother of Emanuel

My great grandfather: Morris Margolin

Father of Freda

My great grandmother: Yehudit Margolin

Mother of Freda

My great grandfather: Israel Rose

Father of Clifford

My great grandmother: Esther Rose

Mother of Clifford

My great grandfather: Yechezkel Lattie

Father of Hettie

My great grandmother: Hinda Lattie

Mother of Hettie

My second great grandmother:

Zipporah Margolin

Mother of Morris


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