Sasson Yoel

Ph.D. 1974 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
M.Sc 1970 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
B.Sc. 1968 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Casali 252
02 6584 530
02 5667 065
Research Focus: 

Our group focus on the following closely related fields:  environmental catalysis, cleantech and green chemistry. The group currently includes 3 postdoc fellows, 6 Ph.D. students and 7 M.Sc. students.
The main projects we are studying through 2013-2016 are:
[1] Novel visible light driven bismuth based photocatalysts for air purification, self-cleaning of building walls and photomineralization of organic pollutants in waste water.
[2] Energy and hydrogen storage using the formate-bicarbonate cycle.
[3] Destruction of organic pollutant in soil and water via a novel method for generation of superoxide anion-radical.
[4] Removal of mercury from natural gas and from flue gas of coal fired power station.
[5] Catalytic conversion of biomass to liquid fuel additives.

Selected Publications: 

[1] A novel oxidative method for the absorption of Hg(0) from flue gas of coal fired power plants using task specific ionic liquid scrubber.
  Zach Barnea, Tanya Sachs, Mandan Chidambaram and Yoel Sasson
 J. Hazard. Mater. 244-245, 495-500 , 2013
[2] In situ Generation of Superoxide Anion-Radical in Aqueous Medium under Ambient
Uri Stoin, Alexander I. Shames, Itamar Malka, Ilana Bar and Yoel Sasson
ChemPhysChem  , 14, 4158-4164, 2013
[3] Novel Technology for the Rapid Total Mineralization of Carbon Tetrachloride under                                                   
Ambient Conditions.
Uri Stoin, Alexander I. Shames and Yoel Sasson
RSC Advances 3, 24440-24446, 2013.
[4] Hierarchical Nanostructured 3D Flowerlike BiOClxBr1-x Semiconductor with Exceptional
Visible Light Photocatalystic activity
Hani Gnayem and Yoel Sasson
ACS Catalysis  3, 186-191, 2013
[5]  Catalytic Deoxygenation of Castor Oil over Pd/C for the Production of Cost Effective
Elad meller, Uri Green, Zeev Aizenshtat and Yoel Sasson
Fuel   133, 89-95, 2014
 [6] Demonstrating a New BiOCl0.875Br0.125 Photocatalyst to Degrade Pharmaceuticals
under Solar Irradiation
Yaal Lester, Dror Avisar, Hani Gnayem, Yoel Sasson, Michael Shavit and Hadas Mamane
Water, Air and Soil Pollution.  225, 2132, 2014.
[7] Selective Pd Catalyzed Reduction of Phenol using Potassium Formate as hydrogen donor.
Rajendra Patil and Yoel Sasson
Applied Catalysis  499, 227-231,  2015.
[8]  Fast and complete in-situ mineralization of contaminated soil using a novel methos for superoxide generation.
Uri Stoin, Alex Mujon and Yoel Sasson
RSC Advances, 5, 6571-6577, 2015.
[9] Nanostructured 3D Sunflower-Like Bismuth Doped BiOClBr Solid-Solutions with Enhanced
Visible Light Photocatalytic Activity as a Remarkably Efficient Technology for Water Purification"
Hani Gnayem and Yoel Sasson
J. Phys. Chem. (C) in the press (2015)
[10] Hybrid Bismuth Oxyhalides@gypsum as Self-Cleaning Composites: Novel aspects of
 sustainable photocatalytic technology for solar environmental cleanup.
Hani Gnayem and Yoel Sasson
RSC Advances, in the press (2015)