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Research Focus: 

Renata Reisfeld's research interests are center on utilization of solar energy and connected topics, theoretical and practical study of sophisticated glasses including luminescent solar concentrators for less expensive photovoltaic electricity, solid state visible lasers, waveguide visible lasers, nonlinear optics, electrochromic glasses, photochromic glasses. She is also engaged in spectroscopy and energy transfer of rare earths and transition metal elements; nanotechnology of quantum dots and noble metal plasmon in glasses.

The scientific part

In 1973 after the Yom Kippur War and the Arab boycott the energy crisis started to be treating of the World. It was a great motivation to Renata to contribute as much as possible to partial solution to the energy crisis and she devoted all her scientific power to the solar energy solution. In her laboratory (which is active also today) she has started her extensive research directed to this goal. In order to reach this goal she started to develop Luminescent Solar Concentrators based on glasses incorporated by chemical species that absorb solar energy and emitted in the concentrated form of small samples of costly photovoltaic cells the outcome of the research efficient fluorescent glasses can be integrated into existing buildings just significantly decreasing the cost of photovoltaic electricity.

While the number of researches her group is minimal there exist a strong international cooperation with leading European countries.

The solution is documented in the large number of publications, lectures and patents. Her scientific carier is listed below.              


Appointments at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem








1956           M Sc with distinction

 1960          Ph D in Chemistry

1966           Postdoctoral studies (at Oregon State University, USA)

1968           Senior lecturer

1973           Associate Professor

1978           Full Professor

1980         Enrique Berman Chair of Solar Energy at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

 Honors and Awards









1993          Doctor Honoris Causa from University Claude Bernard Lyon I, France

1998           Doctor Honoris Causa from the University of Bucharest, Romania

2005           Professor Honoris Causa from the Polish Academy of Science,

Wroclaw, Poland

1993           Medal for scientific achievement of Mayor Lyon, France

2010            Gold Medal of the University of Wroclaw, Poland

1960            Prize of the Israeli Chemical Society


Visiting Professorships

1975-98      University of Geneva, Switzerland

1975           University of Tokyo, Japan

1989           Ecole Nationale Superieure de Paris, France

1990           University of Paris Orsay, France

1992           University of Lyon, France

1993           University of South Wales, Sydney, Australia

2000           Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA



R. Reisfeld and C.K. Jorgensen, Lasers and Excited States of Rare Earths, Springer-Verlag, New-York 1977.

M. Gaft, R. Reisfeld and G. Panczer, "Modern Luminescence Spectroscopy of Minerals", Springer-Verlag, 2005. ISBN: 3-540


 Additional Information

List of publications (531 papers and 9 international patents).

231 plenary and invited lectures at international scientific conferences.

Organizing (and co-organizing) and proceedings editing of 10 International scientific conferences.

Editorial Board Membership: Chem. Phys. Lett., Material Science, Ceramic International.

Selected Publications: 


  • Renata Reisfeld; Viktoria Levchenko; Tsiala Saraidarov; Mirosław Behrendt; Benedykt Kukliński; Marek Grinberg, Fluorescence intensification of Rhodamine 6G in Zirconia-Glymo glasses, Optical Materials 34 (2012) 2021–2024 [518]
  • R. Reisfeld, V. Levchenko, Ts. Saraidarov, E.Rysiakiewicz-Pasek, M.Baranowski, A.Podhorodecki, J. Misiewicz, T. Antropova, "Steady state and femtosecond spectroscopy of Perylimide Red dye in porous and sol-gel glasses, Chem Phys Lett (2012) Accepted to publication [519]
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  • Yury Dekhtyar, Diana Krumpane, Kristine Perovicha, Renata Reisfeld, Marina Romanova, Tsiala Saraidarov, Alexandr Soudnikovich, Indra Surkova, Electron emission for nanodosimetry of ionizing radiation and gas sensing, Chemical Sensors 2013, 3: 6 [523]
  • Bożena Jasińska, Monika Śniegocka, Renata Reisfeld, Elena Zigansky, Porosity structure in photon active glasses, NUKLEONIKA 2013;58(1):241−244 [524]
  • Renata Reisfeld, Marek Grinberg, Viktoria Levchenko, Benedykt Kukliński, Sebastian Mahlik, Shlomo Magdassi, Michael Grouchko, Sol-gel glasses with Enhanced Luminescence of Laser Dye Rhodamine B due to Plasmonic Coupling by Copper Nanoparticles, Optical Materials Optical Materials 36 (2014) 1611–1615 [525]
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  • Renata Reisfeld, Fluorescence-active Waveguides by the Sol-Gel Method. Theory and Application, Zeitschrift fur Naturforsch B, Band 69, Heft 2, February 2014, 131-140 [527]
  • Renata Reisfeld, Luminescent solar concentrators and the ways to increase their efficiencies, Handbook Sol-Gel Vol. 3 to be published by Wiley-VCH, 2015 [528]
  • M. Gorgol, B. Jasińska, R. Reisfeld, V. Levchenko, The Influence of the Temperature on Positron Annihilation Lifetime Spectra in Porous Sol-Gel Glass Doped with Ag Nanoparticles, Acta Physica Polonica A, 125/ 3 (2014) 778-781 [529]
  • Renata Reisfeld, Bozena Jasinska, Viktoria Levchenko, Marek Gorgol, Tsiala Saraidarov, Inna Popov, Tatiana Antropova, Ewa Rysiakiewicz-Pasek, Porous glasses as a host of luminescent materials, their applications and site selective determination, Journal of Luminescence (2015) in Press, [530]
  • Renata Reisfeld, Invited review, Optical Properties of Lanthanides in Condensed Phase, Theory and Applications (In memory of Christian K. Jørgensen), AIMS Materials Science, Volume 2, Issue 2 (2015) 37-60. DOI: 10.3934/matersci.2015.2.37 [531]