Lifshitz Assa

Post. Doc. Studies 1961-1963 Cornell University
Ph. D. 1961 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
M. Sc. 1958 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Los Angeles 22
02 6585 865
02 5617 812

Reasearch Interests

Professor Lifshitz’s research interests are centered around the study of high temperature gas phase reactions using shock tube techniques, and computer simulation of complex reaction systems.  He is also engaged in quantum chemical calculations of potential energy surfaces, reaction pathways, transition state theory calculations, intersystem crossing etc... He has published numerous articles on high temperature combustion processes and the chemical kinetics mechanisms of thermal isomerizations, decompositions, ignitions and explosions.

Selected Publications: 

19. Lifshitz, A. The role of vibrational excitation in the formation of 4-center transition state.  Israel J. Chem.19697, 329-340.

50. Lifshitz, A. Combustion reaction mechanisms from ignition delay times. Fast Reactions in Energetic Systems.  Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute (1980). D. Reidel Publishing Co., C. Capelos and R.F. Walker, Editors, 1981, 193-218.

58. Lifshitz, A., Bidani, M. and Carroll, H. F. The reaction H2+D2 « 2HD. A long history of erroneous interpretation of shock tube results. J. Chem. Phys.1983, 79, 2742-2747.

77. Lifshitz, A., Bidani, M., and Carroll, H. F. The role of initiation vs. chain branching in ignition processes. The effect of functional groups. Current Topics in Shock Waves. Proceedings of the 17th International Symposium on Shock Tubes and Shock Waves, Bethlehem, Pa (1989).  American Institute of Physics Conference Proceedings 2081990, Yong W. Kim Editor, 702-706.

108. Dubnikova, F. and Lifshitz, A. Isomerizations of cyclopropanecarbonitrile. Quantum chemical and model calculations. J. Phys. Chem. A1998, 102, 5876-5885.

119. Lifshitz, A. Ignition delay times. Handbook of shock waves III2001, Academic Press, G. Ben-Dor, O. Igra and T. Elperin Editors, A. Lifshitz, Guest Editor, 211-256. (ISBN-0-12-086433-9).

142. Dubnikova, F., Tamburu C., and Lifshitz, A. Thermal ignition of acetylene. Experimental results and power dependencies interpretation. Proceedings of the 8th Asia Pacific Conference on Combustion. B. S. Publishers Hyderabad (India). D.P Mishra, V.K Reddy and P.K. Pandey, Editors, 2010, 1059-1064.