Asscher Micha

Professor of Chemistry
Ph.D - 1981 (HUJI)
B.Sc - 1974 (HUJI)
Los Angeles 31
02 6585 742
02 6525 037
Research Focus: 

1. Model heterogeneous catalysis is studied under ultra-high vacuum (UHV) conditions on top of alloy bimetallic nano-clusters (e.g. Au-Cu and Cu-Pd) grown via buffer layer assisted

growth method in UHV. In situ Auger and thermal desorption methods are used to follow reactivity and selectivity. High pressure-low pressure apparatus is uniquely used to study the

thermal and photo-excited catalysis.

Fig. 1: Cu-Au relative composition affecting yield and selectivity of C2H2 100% conversion to thylene (No benzene formation). 

2. Local (transient) electric field effect on photo-induced and electron-induced reactivity of caged molecules on surfaces is studied near sharp edges and by growing model

in-vacuum nano-capacitors by trapping electrons in ice.

3. The role of plasmonic giant field enhancement near metallic (Ag) nano-particles on photo-reactivity vs. the effect of hot excited electrons on surface photochemistry has

been investigated. Its potential  enhancement in photo-catalysis when embedded within TiO2 films has been investigated.  











Fig. 2: Ag nanoparticles SEM image (right) and their effect in enhancing photo-dissociation of ethyl chloride (left), red signal is the resulting product in the presence of Ag particles. 

Selected Publications: 

1.      Photoinduced desorption of Xe from porous silicon: Evidence for selective and highly effective optical activity, Toker, G., Asscher, M., Phys. Rev. Lett., 107, 167402-16406 (2011).
2.      Reduced Oxide Sites and Surface Corrugation Affecting the Reactivity, Thermal stability, and Selectivity of Supported Au–Pd Bimetallic Clusters on SiO2/Si(100) ; Gross, E., Sorek, E., Murugadoss,  A., Asscher, M., Langmuir , 29 (20), 6025–6031 (2013).
3.      Electron-induced chemistry of methyl chloride caged within amorphous solid water Horowitz, Y. and Asscher, M., J. Chem. Phys., 139, 154707 (2013).
4.      Structure and Composition of Au-Cu and Pd-Cu Bimetallic Catalysts ffecting Acetylene Reactivity, Murugadoss, A., Sorek, E., and Asscher, M., Topics in Catalysis, 57 (10), 1007-1014 (2014).
5.      Enhanced Photo Chemistry of Ethyl Chloride on Ag Nanoparticles,Toker, G., Bespaly A., Zilberberg, L., Asscher, M. Nano Letters, 15(2), 936-42 (2015);  
6.      Buffer Layer Assisted Growth of Ag Nanoparticles in Titania Thin Films  Zilberberg, L., Mitlin, S., Shankar, H., Asscher, M., J. Phys. Chem. C, 119(52), 28979-28991 (2015).