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Courses in Applied Chemistry

  • Engineering and managerial economics
  • Introduction to chemical engineering
  • Introduction to chemical reaction engineering
  • Strategy of high-tech companies
  • Selected topics in industrial research
  • Surface tension emulsifiers and emulsion technology
  • Interfacial phenomena and micro-nanoparticles
  • From micro to nanoparticles science and technology
  • Polymeric composite materials
  • Principles of polymers science
  • Engineering materials for biomedical applications
  • Data Processing
  • Catalysis and catalytic processes
  • Crystallization processes
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Process development and scale-up in pharma-related industries
  • Forensic chemistry
  • Mass spectrometry in analytical chemistry
  • Instrumental methods in environmental science
  • The concept of green and sustainable chemistry – Clean Tech
  • Chemical and geochemical processes
  • Advanced instrumental analytical methods
  • Seminar for M.Sc. students
  • Summer industrial project

For more information see the course catalog (Shnaton).

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