Françoise Tibika Apfelbaum

“Imagination is more important than knowledge”

Albert Einstein, 1929.


Research Interest:

  • Synthesis of Energetic materials.

  • Information,  mind and molecules.  

1955 Born in Algeria. Grew up in Paris.

1968 Aliya from France

1974 B.Sc in chemistry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

1979 M.Sc in chemistry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

1986 Ph.D degree Prof. Avi Bino on Inorganic Synthesis.  


In 1986 met Colette Aboulker Muscat and practiced guided imagery in her classes for the next twelve years,

Discovering the extend of the power of our mind on the trajectory of molecules. I described in a first book on the similarity between both.

“Molecular Consciousness begins with a very lucid and engaging account of the way that chemists currently think about molecules and the reactions they undergo. Those with a taste for speculation will be well rewarded, for the final section of the book is a much more fanciful journey into what, on one distant day, might just conceivably become science.”

Peter W. Atkins

Author of Four Laws that Drive the Universe and On-Being and winner of the Royal Society of Chemistry


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