The Laboratory for Molecular Structure Analysis


Unit Description


The Laboratory for Molecular Structure Analysis was established in 1979 within the Institute of Chemistry in order to serve researchers from inside and outside the Institute in all aspects of X-ray crystallography. The laboratory is equipped with three Single- crystal X-ray Diffractometers and one Powder X-ray Diffractometer. Dr. Shmuel Cohen is our experienced staff crystallographer and the unit is supervised academically by Prof. Avi Bino.

Services include complete three dimensional molecular structure elucidation both at low and room temperature, comprehensive computerized data bases search, unit-cell dimensions determination, powder diffraction and simulations of powder diffraction patterns. The unit also provides consulting services on X-ray diffraction, sampling, diffraction data collection strategies, powder diffraction data acquisition and data analysis.


Methods and Equipment


  1. Single-crystal X-ray structure determination is performed using the Bruker SMART APEX CCD diffractometer equipped with a low-temperature device




  1. Powder diffraction is performed using a Philip PW1820 diffractometer.



Request Form for Crystal Structure Determination: English / Hebrew

Request Form for Powder Structure Determination: English / Hebrew


Contact Information


Benny Bogoslavsky


Tel:  02-6585618


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Dr. Shmuel Cohen


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Fax: 02-6585319